When there’s no time for breakfast #mothersnotmartyrs

Every morning I have the best intentions of following the morning schedule and getting out of the house in time and drive my daughter to school. I’ve given up on the dance between my schedule and her anxiety and accept that on most days she will miss getting on the bus. I’ve also found peace with the fact that I won’t send her off to school with the fairy tale pancakes, eggs and fresh squeezed orange juice and that most days her breakfast is a pint of almond milk and a protein bar or a pack and a half of instant oatmeal in the back seat of the car as I sit in traffic on the way to her school. What I am proud of is finding the easiest and most eco-friendly way to serve her oatmeal. I repurpose the empty ice cream pints . I rinse them, poke a small hole or two in the top and reuse them as a container for the instant oatmeal, grits and scrambled eggs or other cereal we have handy. The pints work great because they’re insulated to keep the temperature.

Just thought I’d share.šŸ¤© Necessity is the mother of invention. Please share below something that helps make your morning rush manageable.



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