Wishing you a reason to be grateful.

Grateful I don’t have to awaken to an alarm clock, pack lunches or rush anyone to school today. Grateful for my Aunt and cousin pouring love into pots and pans and for the abundance of laughter and hugs I have to look forward to later today. Giving thanks for all of my beloved friends and family today and always. ❤



Suffering is optional..


FB_IMG_1420297087362My daughter asked me a question last night that almost brought me to tears. “Mommy why does life have to be so hard for me and my brother?” I felt sadness, I felt guilt and a bit of regret but the only answer I could respond with was gratitude. Yes it has been a difficult few years but we have the comfort and love that many people don’t. Her question caused me to revisit my commitment to infuse more joy into our lives. So I purchased the movie they both really wanted to see even though it wasn’t my plan, popped some kernels, baked the pillsbury cinnamon rolls I was saving and we laughed out loud together. I can’t control the tough days but I can fill the other moments with great memories. 💜#loveistheanswer#therestoration